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January 2021

BC/Yukon Command's blazin' branch monthly newsletter...

Happy New Year! And welcome back from Christmas break. This is the first edition of the BC/Yukon Blazer where you get the Bravo to Zulu (Alpha is covered by Dominion Command) on what's happening with your comrades across BC and the Yukon and the good work you all are doing.

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Kindling for Conversation (Directory) - January 2021

This section of the newsletter is dedicated to services highlights.

Services for Veterans Attracting More Members

Since 1926, the Legion has prided itself in meeting the needs of Veterans and their families in a holistic manner based on a “service continuum” philosophy which is made available to all Veterans, spouses and family members free of charge.

As a result of your efforts, veterans lives are changed for the better. Veterans and their families are inspired to join the Legion. After services are received from working with a Command Service Officer, veterans receive an invitation to join the Royal Canadian Legion. Some do join.


Operation: Leave the Streets Behind 

 Our Veteran’s Homelessness Committee goal is to support branches in the investigation, pursuit and development of programs to benefit or improve the quality of life for homeless or near homeless veterans in our Command. 

To ensure our veterans have housing and/or supports they need the committee has put together tools and instructions for branches in BC/Yukon Command to implement Operation: Leave the Streets Behind in their community. 

Have Questions? Register for Service Officer Training

Training for Service Officers is coming up soon on January 30, 2021 from 10AM to 12PM. Feel free to bring any questions you have about your role as a service officer or, about the Operation: Leave the Streets Behind program.

To register for Service Officer training please contact our Service Bureau Assistant, Christy Knapfl via phone or email.

604-579-0088 or

Important Dates

December 1, 2020 -  Sports - Zone Intent to Participate Forms (Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 Command level sports have been cancelled).
December 31, 2020 - Gaming License Renewal (Meat Draws, 50/50 draws)

Upcoming Important Dates

January 1 - New Year's Day
January 15 - Youth Literary, Poster and Video Contest submissions from Zones to Command office.
January 27 - Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.
January 28 - Bell Let's Talk Day
January 30 - Service Officer Training via Zoom 10AM to 12PM
January 31 - Poppy Fund Assessments to be sent to Command
February 14 - Valentines Day
February 15 - BC Family Day
February 28 - End of Gulf War (1991) 

April 30 - Audited Financial Statements to be sent to Command
Membership Updates


1. The purpose of this section is to recognize our new and current members and to share how branches in our Command are attracting, engaging and retaining members.

2. Send pictures and biography of a member at your branch and we may feature them in one of the upcoming monthly newsletters. 


3. Send in a story of how your branch is attracting, engaging, and retaining members and we may feature them in one of the upcoming monthly newsletters.

Send your story to: with subject line: "BLAZER:" Deadline for submissions is the 3rd Friday of every month. 

New Member Highlight

Corporal Riley Ische

We'd like to introduce you to one of our newest Ordinary members from the UBC Branch, Corporal Reilly Ische. The UBC Branch obtained its charter in September 2019. The branch is comprised of currently serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces members, and civilians.

Now Available:

Online Membership Renewal by Branch

In October, a new online membership sign-up and renewal process was changed and has become highly successful. Through the new process, new members and current members can join a branch, renew and auto-renew online.

Did you know that over the past 8 weeks 5,000 new members have joined the Legion online? And 80% of those new members are joining their local branches.

January is the time for Membership Committees at every branch to: 

  • call members 
  • share how to renew online
  • encourage them to auto-renew

Prepare for your calls by logging in to the Legion National website to learn more about Member Programs and the Royal Canadian Legion so you can answer any questions your members may have.


1. The goal of this section is to highlight the work of veterans, their families and our community members. Information in this section may not necessarily include Royal Canadian Legion branches.

2. Send a story about what's happening in the veteran community and we may feature them in this section in one of the upcoming monthly newsletters. 

Send your story to: with subject line: "BLAZER:" Deadline for submissions is the 3rd Friday of every month. 


Wilson Creek Retreat

Private Campground for Military Families 

Owned and operated by a retired RCMP officer and military family member, we'd like to introduce Wilson Creek Retreat Campground. A new, private 6-stall campground in the Kootenays, for the exclusive use of the RCMP, first-responders, military members and their families.

The campground offers fully-powered stalls, ready for the 2021 season. Water will be available through a well/hand pump. Map, booking information, site-plan and rates can be can be found on their website.
This section of the newsletter is to share the interesting ways branches are promoting or operating.


1. The goal of this section is to highlight the important work being done at Branches. It will also include tips on how to improve branch operations.

2. Send a story of what's happening at your branch, how you are overcoming COVID-19 and we may feature it an upcoming monthly newsletter. 

Send to with subject line: "BLAZER:" Deadline for each month is the 3rd Friday of every month.


Please maintain the safety of your parking lot by removing snow and ice.

Legion Lager Contest Winners

In February, 2020 BC/Yukon Command launched a contest to promote Legion Lager. Some branches were confused at first because we had previously promoted Freedom Lager, a promotion fully managed by BC/Yukon Command. We are now aligned with Legion National Headquarters to promote the National brand, Legion Lager, a product which supports veteran programs.

Branches had the opportunity to order a minimum of 2 Legion Lager cases before November 30, 2020, to be eligible to win 1 of 3, $500 Canada Post Visa gift cards. On Dec.5, 2020, the winning branches were drawn by Legion National Headquarters. In no particular order the winners are... 

Congratulations to...!

1. Trail Branch #11

2. Vavenby and District Branch #259

3. Sechelt Branch #140

In the News

Branches Report Higher than Normal Poppy Donations

Kamloops Branch #52

Lynn Valley Branch #114

Comox Branch #160

Creative Fundraising Efforts

Mt.Benson Branch #256, Dec.2, 2020 - Their lounge was closed but the kitchen was still cooking! Delivery of take-out food featured curried squash soup (yum!) and blueberry pies. Delivery days were every two weeks. The branch sent out emails with a menu to let everyone know. Below is volunteer, Chef Al with the December 2nd orders ready to ship out.

Malahat Branch #134, Dec.7, 2020 - Bottle drive and Free scrap metal recycling. The branch instructed donors to leave bottles at the back gate and not to  do not sort. The collected liquor, wine bottles, wine boxes, juice containers, bottles and cans as well. Donations were to be kept in bags. No sorting necessary. The branch has also been meeting the need of their local community to provide a scrap metal location at no charge to the community. This partnership with a small, local recycling business also provides income for the branch.

November/December Memo Summary


117.20 - Veterans Operations Support Funding

116.20 - COVID-19 Virus Update #28

115.20 - SUE Support of Cadet Units

114.20 - COVID-19 Virus Update #27

113.20 - COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics


112.20 - Branch Emergency Funding

111.20 - Youth Poster and Literary Contest Judging


109.20 - COVID-19 Virus Update #2550702 REVISED

108.20 - Branch Emergency Funding

107.20 - Veteran Affairs Financial Aid Package Remembrance Day

106.20- Poppy Tagging TransLink

105.20- Operation Remembrance 2020 Video

104.20- IMPORTANT - Remembrance Day Update

103.20- N95 Mask Donation to Branches



Save money on your insurance and support veteran programs in BC. 


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